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Official Anthro East Coast 2020 announcements channel!

AEC takes place Saturday August 15th & Sunday the 16th at the Dalhouse Student Union Building (Halifax, NS).

OMGWTFBBQ takes place Friday, Aug 14th at York Redoubt.

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From all of us here at Anthro East Coast, we would like to wish everyone near and far a happy holidays!

And what's a better way to celebrate... than with our brand new shiny website! Take some time to check it out;
We have some exciting news! 👀

AEC Dealers Den vendor applications will be opening on Jan 10th!

Do you have a friend who also enjoys vending that you want to share a table with? We can do that too!
Mark your calendars!

On February 1st AEC will be open for PRE-REG!! 😲

Wipe off your goggles and grab your labcoat because Anthro East Coast will be celebrating everything SCIENCE this August with Camp Councillor (GOH)
This year at Anthro East Coast we will be hosting a Guest of Honour Dinner! Save yourself the time and join our Guest of Honour in a delicious meal prepared by local catering! Space is limited, take advantage of this option when pre-registering!
RT @DolbyVixen: I invited @DawnSolayHugs to @AnthroEastCoast in 2018. In that time the con has grown, and on this #FursuitFriday you should…
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