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We're getting started! :)
Workshops have started as well
Don't forget, the lunch for the speakers is at Piramida at 1PM.
Please everyone join outside Piramida for the conference group photo at 1 PM!
We're starting in 5 minutes
Forwarded from Aniss
Carol talking right now :) talk 1/ pyramid
Really interesting sessions starting at 10.00 am as part of the second day of #OSCAL2018. Check the osc.al/android app for full agenda :)
The Pyramid is now open in case you want to join early!
There have been some slight changes to the agenda for today, please check https://oscal.openlabs.cc/agenda or update the agenda at the Settings menu inside the webapp/Android app you're using. Thank you!
The lunch starts at 1 PM at the Pyramid, please exit the Pyramid while we are preparing it. Thank you!
Presentations and workshops start again at 14.00 @ all venues.
Agenda updated again - a session at Workshop 1 has been cancelled - check the agenda at osc.al/agenda or update your app
Quick update: after the conference we can go upstairs @ the Pyramid
Thanks for being part of OSCAL'18! It's a wrap! We will be meeting for drinks at Nouvelle Vague for anyone who wants to join!
Location: geo:41.32114,19.814808?z=19

The location of Nouvelle Vague
Thanks for joining us at the tour today! We will be meeting for an impromptu dinner tonight 8:30pm at Zgara Korçare 2 nearby the lake. Feel free to bring friends, old and new.

The place is a traditional barbeque style Albanian restaurant, comparably with a german "Biergarten". It has indoor and outside seating and should accommodate everyone easily. Price range is on the lower end. It's mostly a beer place but other drinks are also available.

Please +1 if you are joining and if you bring anyone else with you so we can do the reservation.

Later on we can go for a walk in the park around the lake if you like.

Location on


GMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/Bn3ThgYuoLB2