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🚀🚀 HubrisOne BOUNTY IS LIVE !! 🚀🚀
HubrisOne offers personal and business cryptocurrency friendly bank accounts. Everything you’d expect from your bank, plus more. Bounty Calculations are made according to ico price. 10,000,000 HBRS tokens will be allocated to be distributed amongst the eligible bounty Participants in proportion to the stakes they have earned. This is an obligatory conditions plus all Bounty Campaigners must join three telegram groups (MAIN and BOUNTY) otherwise such user will not receive our token. The bounties will be paid after the end of the Token Sale.

Bounty Telegram:
Main Telegram:
Bounty Thread:
🎁 🎁 HubrisOne Started WEEKLY PAYMENTS !! 🎆🎆

HubrisOne made payments to bounty participants for WEEK1. You can check your status here in PAYMENTS tab:

Signature and Translation Campaigns are newly added!

The bounties will be paid on a WEEKLY BASIS by HubrisOne. (except Translation Campaign)

Please read all the rules, before participation. Happy Hunting:
📣 📣 BITFXT Bounty Campaign is Live ! (🔥WEEKLY PAYMENT🔥)

BITFXT offers the easiest way to buy, store, exchange and trade cryptocurrencies. Bitfxt have developed the web based wallet, trade, exchange and other valuable tools as well as android apps to bring you convenience and pleasure using bitfxt services.

A total of 1,000,000 BXT tokens will be allocated during the bounty campaign. Payments will be made on weekly basis to participants.

Happy hunting!

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Telegram:
Main Telegram:
📢 GREAT NEWS on HubrisOne Bounty! 🎁

1- Facebook and Twitter Campaigns' allocation is increased 1,250,000 to 1,500,000 HBRS
2- LinkedIn Campaign's allocation is increased 500,000 to 750,000 HBRS.

For more information and join:
📢 New Campaign in Bitfxt Bounty 🎁

Avatar Campaign is Live! All you have to do is wearing Bitfxt avatar in your social media account or Telegram and posting.

We allocated 50,000 BXT for this campaign for last 5 weeks! (10,000 BXT per week!)

The campaign is just started today. For application and rules:
📣 Someone stop HubrisOne LinkedIn Campaign !! 🎁

HubrisOne's LinkedIn Campaign is upgraded again:

1- Token allocation is increased 750,000 to 1,000,000
2- 'Comment' is added to campaign (4 stakes per comment)

For more information and join:

We finished Africunia reviewings a couple of days ago. We didn't send the spreadsheet to Africunia Team yet.

We'll send the list 24 hours later. Africunia Team is responsible for distributing bounties. We don't want our participants to be aggrieved !

So, please follow the rules in the pinned message:

As a result of our joint decision with HubrisOne management, the 13-week bounty process was reduced to 8 weeks. This means weekly payments are extremely increased for last 3 weeks !!

Content Creation increased 144,444 to 385,185 HBRS
Signature increased 166,666 to 444,444 HBRS
Facebook increased 116,666 to 311,111 HBRS
Twitter increased 116,666 to 311,111 HBRS
Medium increased 13,888 to 37,037 HBRS
Instagram increased 38,888 to 103,704 HBRS
Telegram increased 37,500 to 100,000 HBRS

📢 For joining campaigns:

Medium Campaign is closed at the end of week 7. Reddit Campaign takes Medium's place for week 8.

Participants will get the Medium's remaning bounty which is totally 37,037 HBRS for Reddit Campaign in one week!

For more information and join:

*Week-7 reviewings are still in progress. Week-6 missing bounties will be distributed with Week-7 bounties.

*After that, Week-8 reviewings will be started and payments will be done in this week.

*We've a clear and transparent management style through the spreadsheet. Please check your status before we sent the payment list:

**HUBRISONE will comeback with much larger bounty next week. Please stay online!

🚀🚀 HubrisOne AIRDROP is LIVE 🎁🎁

HubrisOne Airdrop Campaign is live. Simple tasks and make good money!

Take your place:

* Please read all the airdrop rules carefully.

Highly anticipated bounty campaign is live now with big bounties! In the first campaign, HubrisOne allocated 10,000,000 HBRS. Now the bounty amount is 80,000,000 HBRS which means $800K !!

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Telegram:
Main Telegram:
📣 DigitalBits Bounty Campaign is Live 🚀

DigitalBits is a protocol layer Blockchain designed to help facilitate mass market liquidity of various digital assets and integrate with existing apps to drive mass market adoption of Blockchain technology.

A total of 28,000,000 XDB tokens will be allocated for this campaign. Please read all the rules carefully.

Happy hunting!

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Telegram:
Main Telegram:


BaseFEX is a cryptocurrency derivative exchange where traders can successfully place orders under any market condition. BaseFEX is developed by professionals using cutting-edge technologies from the ever-evolving internet industry, which outperforms decades-old technical solutions commonly used in the financial industry.

A total of $1000 in BTC is allocated for the bounty participants and will be distributed to their BaseFEX BTC Addresses at the end of the campaign.

$750 is allocated for articles and $250 is allocated for videos. The campaign will be closed when the allocated amounts are reached.

Happy hunting!

Bounty Thread:
Bounty Telegram:
Main Telegram:
📢 DigitalBits KYC Process is Started! 🚨

Thank you for your participations to DigitalBits Bounty Campaign. KYC Process is started today and will be over on 23 April 2019. To complete process, please follow the steps:

1- Register process:
2- Fill out KYC Form that will be sent to your email address (you'll get it in 5 minutes after registration)

* Participants who don't pass the KYC process will not receive bounties. You can check your whole stake and KYC status in ''PAYMENTS'' tab:

The reviewings in progress. In the meanwhile we're receving your complaints about stakes in Bounty Telegram Group: