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Claiming on Primecoin (XPM) faucet is temporarily disabled, until Cryptopia is back.

Sorry for inconvenience!
Faucets are offline, unfortunately our hosting provider is having some issues with their server infrastructure, they are working on fixing it and hopefully they will finish soon.

Sorry for inconvenience!
Referral commission is now set at 50%!
Hello there,

Looks like Cryptopia is not coming back anytime soon.

XPM faucet was refilled, but faucet will be shutting down after everyone has been payed, deadline is 1.7.2019.
There are outgoing problems with emails being sent; email confirmation, email re-confirmation, password reset and lottery winning notifications are not transmitted properly, will try to fix it asap.

Sorry for inconvenience!
Email problem should be fixed, users registered in the last two days should use "resend activation mail" option under login form to confirm email address.
Hello there, looks like our mail server is not working for a week, i just noticed. Will try to fix it asap.

Sorry for inconvenience :/
Tron (TRX) faucet is now open!

Also emails should be working normally now.
Faucets will be loading really slow or not at all for few hours, i will be deleting old faucet claims to clear up the database, over 10gb of rows will be pruned. Server will be overloaded for few hours until it's finished.
Faucets are offline, looks like our server used used all available bandwidth this month, take it easy on the claiming people heh

It's late and i might have to wait for ticket reply, so faucets will most likely be offline overnight.

Feel free to visit for a ton of other faucets in the meantime :)
Faucets are back online, claim double rewards until tomorrow for the compensation due to the recent downtime.
Due to the new Faucehub API limits we have updated minimum withdrawal limits, they should be low ~5-10 average claims.

If we ever ever decide to close the faucets, those limits will be removed so everyone will have a chance to withdraw even if only 1 satoshi.
Embarrassing, but we used all available bandwidth again this month, 3 terabytes of it with Cloudflare heh

Sites will be back up on 1st of September for sure, if not sooner, sorry for inconvenience.
Peercoin faucet will be refilled soon, the wallet we use is currently in maintenance.
PPC faucet has been refilled :)
It has been a great journey, but sadly due to the Faucethub closing on December 10th and our hosting plan running out, all our faucets will be at least temporary closing down as well on November 23rd.

Make sure to withdraw your coins before November 23rd!

If anyone is perhaps interested in domain names feel free to send your offers here on Telegram or via contact form on any of our faucets.
Final notice for withdrawals!

Faucete are closing approximately 6 hours from now.
Faucets are now closed.

Over the years we have given away a total of:

0.92 BTC
2.5 BCH
39,000 BLK
160,000 DGB
5,500,000 DOGE
36 ETH
220 LTC
160,000 POT
5,700 PPC
32,500 TRX
18 XMR
8200 XPM
28 ZEC

Big thanks to every single user out there :)