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rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** Woman (pictured on the right) is suing Catholic hospital for not surgically removing her uterus as part of a sex-change operation. The ACLU is representing her.
rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** We're being groomed for Antichrist.
rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** The theory of evolution is Satan's best work.
rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** I set up a membership program ($5/month) for my video archive and then I realized that I don't really need much money. So I will just rely on donations for now and keep all my videos public.
rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** @SaintBasilGreat Link is in the menu bar of my web site.
rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** To get notified by SMS the next time I go live, text ROOSH to 77948. No spam ever.
rooshv Just tweeted ********************************************** Starbucks employee arrested for repeatedly spitting in coffee intended for police officers. It's risky to patronize restaurants with woke employees.
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