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Players, Captains,

Just wanted to thank you all for pretty smooth week 1 opening. It was definitely quieter than usual, but everyone was very cooperative with the field restrictions and the bar was very appreciate as well for how everyone cooperated with their guidelines and their staff. It was a monumental task getting this season going and there are a lot of unknowns going forward, but so far we’ve all stepped up to make sure we can at least play football. A big shout out to our Board & field crew: Joe K, Coach Jay, Emily & Emily, Mr. Krol, Val & Travis who are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure the games go on, and everyone can enjoy Saturday TSL football.

Our check in process is evolving, so if you can please tell your players/teammates not to check in until you arrive at the fields, and if you can keep the check in confirmation on you phone and show us that as you enter the fields, that should speed up things slightly(although it didn’t seem like we had many issues as far as people entering the fields)

Also, we realize it’s a pain, but please be sure to exit the fields in the back corner of field 1. One of our covid restrictions is trying to make sure there is no bi-directional foot traffic, thus the need for a separate entry way and exit. Also, please make sure you and your players/teammates are wearing masks when entering and leaving the fields. We need to stress this as you never know who’s watching, and all it can take is one minute detail like “someone wasn’t wearing a mask” to screw up our season.

Any thoughts or suggestion, please reach out via email. Sincerely, Topper
for those of you in need of some entertainment this morning, we present you with the first podcast of the season.
Angry Buffalo @ The Rose Garden
Topper Sports Football Menu

Breakfast/Small Bites/Appetizers
~ Breakfast Sandwich - $3.00
~ Taco OR Italian Sausage - $2.00
~ Fried Bologna Sandwich - $5.00
~ Basket of Sweet Fries - $7.00
Served with Real NYS Maple Syrup
~ Pizza Logs - $7.00
Served with marina
~ Mozzarella Sticks - $7.00
Served with marinara
~ Loaded Tator Tots - $8.00
Topped with bacon, cheese and sour cream
~ Loaded French Fries - $8.00
Topped with bacon and cheese and sour cream
~ Loaded Nachos - $9.00
Topped with ground bee, lettuce, tomato & sour cream

~ Chicken Wings – Sgl. $11.00 Dbl. $20.00
Served Hot, Medium, Mild or Carolina BBQ
~ Chicken Fingers – Sgl. $9.00 Dbl. $16.00 Served Hot, Medium, Mild or Carolina BBQ
~ Chicken Souvlaki Salad $12.00
Greek Style salad with marinated chicken, feta and grilled pita
~ Chicken Finger Salad $12.00
Chicken Fingers, lettuce, tomato and cheese
~ Tuna Melt - $8.95
Tuna and cheese and served on sourdough
~ Turkey Bacon Melt Sandwich - $10.00
Hand carved roasted turkey, bacon and tomato with garlic aioli, served on toasted sourdough
~ Grilled Cheese - $8.00
American, Swiss, Parmesan – Add Bacon Jam - $1.00
~ BLT - $9.00
Thick sliced Applewood smoked bacon, crisp lettuce with tomato, garlic aioli
~ Beef on Weck - $11.00
Roasted Top round thinly sliced, served on kimmelweck roll.
~ Beef -n- Cheddar - $11.00
Beef and cheddar on Costanzo roll
~ Chicken Jalapeno - $10.00
Served on Costanzo roll

Reese Peanut Butter Tart
All, sorry for the late notice, but the Erie County health department has shut us down for at least this week. I need to get things figured out with them on Monday as they were out at the Angry Buffalo late this evening. So I'm kind of caught of guard. If you can please pass the word along to your teammates and friends in the league. Hopefully this is just a one week thing. Again, sorry for the late notice. Topper
I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone. I haven’t spoken to anyone at the Erie County Health Department, my contact (Sarah) who I spoke to several weeks ago and cleared things with prior to starting the season, was on vacation last week. I called and left her a voicemail first thing this morning, and again later this afternoon. I also left a voicemail for her counterpart Jason, haven’t heard back from either of them. I called a different number and was then told to call a different number with led me back to Sarah, so at least I know I was and am still trying to talk to the right person. This is very confusing as when I first had my discussions with Sarah, she had told me the county can’t give us permission to play, it comes from the state, and the state guidelines that they posted, which we followed, etc. It’s a lot of back and forth, and I thought that was behind us. And then there is the person with a personal vendetta against me, and the rosegarden (The Angry Buffalo). I mean, how foolish and frankly immature is it to bash a league and complain about them playing football and trying to get it halted, while simultaneously advertising on your website your own leagues and tournament? Crazy. If you do enough bitching and whining, someone is going to eventually hear you, I’m still trying to get to the bottom of who from the ECHD showed up on Friday evening at 6:30, and why they didn’t come out on a Saturday when we were there, to see what measures we put in place, etc. I am trying to get it all figured out, and will keep trying, and will keep updating you all.

I also appreciate the fact that no one complained to us at all about this, I didn’t get much sleep Friday night, it’s kind of a hopeless feeling of there’s nothing you can do Friday night so late, little times before the games on Saturday, and just hope no one wasted their time driving out to the fields.

Going forward, we have to treat the week as business as usual, as we have to coordinate refs and such, so we will pick up with the week 3 games scheduled for this Saturday, and once we get things figured out, I will try and work the week 2 games back into the schedule if possible.

Thanks again for your patience,

Good Morning, just wanted to provide everyone with an update. It's been a couple busy days for us, trying to get answers as to whether or not we can resume play. Unfortunately, at this time, we still do not have an answer for you. The Erie County Health Department did finally get back in touch with me, they are now uncertain as to what category Touch football falls into, they suggested reaching out to the state to get more clarity on this, but the states hotline is only a recorded line that suggest going to their website to get answers to your questions (not very helpful at all)-and yes, it feels like I am running around in circles. However, we have an important ally in our corner, who has gone to bat for us, above and beyond to say the least. He has contacted anyone and everyone locally and at the state level as well, to try and get us clarity to open up following the guidelines we have put in place, as well as the guidelines provided by the state. Here is a link to a letter sent out to the president of the Empire State Development, as well as several others copied in (listed at the bottom) I hope to have this resolved today and will let you all know asap. Topper
I apologize, but we are going to have to postpone tomorrows scheduled games again. I’m embarrassed and ashamed that we are in the middle of this mess, I have reached out to several gov’t agencies, and not one of them can give us a straight answer, they have all been very helpful in pushing this to another department up the chain, and ultimately, we are waiting on the governor to make the final say. It’s a shame that an organized league like ours is fighting a PR battle with a fallen league that has no teams, no organization, no covid plan, and their only thrill in life is to whine and complain about us to anyone that will listen.

I spoke to the angry buffalo today, and we’ll try and figure out a plan to make up these games, we do have 9am slots and 4pm slots available, and weeknights as well. So once we know we can move forward, we will figure out a plan.

Again, my sincerest apologies, and thanks for your patience.

Good news Everyone, it has been confirmed, we are good to move forward with our season, I got the confirmation we have been waiting for: Thank you for your patience.

We have confirmed that touch football is considered under “moderate risk” sports and should follow all of the associated guidelines. Among other things, this mean that Topper Sports may partake in all types of play, except competitive tournaments requiring travel. Tackle football is high risk and may only partake in no/low contact training but no games. With regard to spectators, the guidance allows for up to 2 spectators per player as long as the spectators are able to maintain safety measures such as social distancing, and use of face coverings when appropriate.
just putting this out there as there are a couple make up games scheduled tomorrow
we have some d1/d2 crossover games this week. We also have a 3pm slot available along with 9am and 4pm if you'd like to make up a game
Forwarded from Patrick McGovern
week 6 9/19/20 schedule
The all I do is Quinn game is canceled for tomorrow, so is the en fuego game
we had a covid outbreak at a team party, so please look at this schedule as it has some cancelled games tomorrow. Week 7
all refs will be paid'
Ok, a lot of you have been asking how we are moving forward with those who tested positive for Covid or might have come in contact with someone with Covid the Week of September 19th

With that in mind, for those of you that attended the party at Bobby McConnell’s house the night of September 19:
• If you can show proof that you tested negative for Covid, then you can play this Saturday.
• If you did not get tested, you can not play until Saturday October 10th. (the recommended quarantine period for someone who didn’t get tested is 14 days)
• If you tested positive, and you’re asymptomatic, it’s 10 days from your test date. Please bring proof of your test date.
• If you tested positive, you are cleared to play 10 days from when you first showed symptoms (fever, sore throat, etc)

Please continue to follow our safety protocols, wear a mask when entering the fields, warming up prior to your game, and exiting the fields. Basically, if you are not playing but in the field area, wear a mask.

3 weeks left people, lets get through this!!


We are now accepting registration for our upcoming Winter Indoor League starting January 2021, games will be at Sportsplex in North Tonawanda

o 8 week league starting Jan 9th thru Feb 27th Game times will be 6:45pm, 7:45pm, 8:45pm, 9:45pm (possibility of adding a 5th hour if we get 10 teams)
o 2 weeks of playoffs
o March 6th top 6 teams make the playoffs with 1st & 2nd place getting a bye, 3rd vs 6th & 4th vs 5th play at 8:45pm & 9:45pm
o March 13th Semi Finals at 7:45pm & 8:45pm and Championship game at 9:45pm

Cost will be $985 per team
Plus $25/ref fee per game (payable at each game)

$200 deposit holds your spot, we are looking for 8 teams, but can accommodate 10 teams if there is enough demand. I’d like to keep this at a rec level (d2-d6 teams) as all teams will be in the same division, so we will limit (1-2) D1 players per roster. It would not be very competitive for a d5/D6 team to be playing against a D1/D2 teams, so please think about your roster before registering. Rosters will be limited to 12 people. There will be no make ups as we are restricted to the times we reserve. Please email me back to register.

Payments can be made 2 ways:
1. Via Paypal to
2. Via Venmo Patrick-McGovern-8

Thank you

2 teams have already signed up for indoor, don't wait!! :)
This message is for D1 teams only!!!!

Due to a potential covid exposure, we are postponing tomorrows D1 playoff games until next Saturday, the games will be played at 9am
1 11:00 AM Marking Mayors Division 1 Why So Serious Garbacz - Jeff May
2 11:00 AM Gryffindor Division 1 Eyes Downtown Jordan - Jeremy O
Games cancelled for tomorrow, will be played 10/24 at 9am.

Sorry for the late notice, if you can please let your teammates know. Thanks

Hey everyone, check to see if you lost any money from your pocket by the porta-potty near the gate. You can claim it with Travis or Topper.