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Here I observe the most interesting news that happened in the Internet and Mobile Space.
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TikTok Lights
Whey people talk about TikTok lights they mean multi-colored LED lights attached to a strip that they place in the background, thus making their videos more pleasant to watch and add them some unreal vibes and charm.

Anybody can buy these lights for as little as $30-$50 per 10 meters of lighting strip from amazon or aliexpress
CyberTruck inspired watch - CyberWatch!
Actually its called CyberTime... The influence that Tesla and Elon Musk drives upon the pop culture is pretty strong.
[CES 2020] MSI Optix MEG381CQR 38-inch gaming monitor looks huge! It is also curved and has 144Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time. Oh boy.
How to download tiktok videos. Everybody wants to get those sweet tik tok videos that they see in this popular app. It's simple! Go to
and download away!