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Radio, music shows, and the best sound you can hear.

📌Mixcloud is an app to enjoy more than half a million DJs, radio stations, presenters, and 'influencers.' All of that, of course, perfectly arranged into categories so you can find the music you like best in a matter of seconds. To use Mixcloud you'll need a user account, which you can create using an email address or a Facebook social login. And if you use the latter you can also automatically see any session or radio station creation by one of your friends. And obviously you can share it, leave a comment, or just add it to your favorites.

📌Mixcloud is a very popular music app that may not let you listen to mainstream groups and songs but does offer thousands of songs, tracks, and sessions. All over a smooth interface full of features designed to delight music lovers.
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Free hosting for the most-viewed images on the Internet.

📌Imgur is an online image storage service that, over time, has become one of the main places on the Internet to host images and funny animated gifs, especially memes. The Android app has the same features as its web version, allowing you to view other users' images galleries and manage your own uploads or your favorites. The app allows you to upload images stored on your device, take a picture right then and there with your camera, or extract an image from a URL to upload to Imgur's own server.

📌Besides being able to upload images for free to a remote domain, Imgur stands out for its ability to organize images by importance or popularity. The most popular content on Imgur is automatically ranked based on the number of times it's been positively rated or printed, and comments can be made on any uploaded content. It's also possible to display the content based on other search criteria like date uploaded or highest rated.
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Forwarded from Crypto-Forex Kings
Trading Tip!
Work on your Trading psychology.
In trading we learn new things everyday, New strategies and Formation but as long as you keep jumping from one strategy to the other, you won't be profitable. It's also called Discipline

Secondly it's important you learn/Study closely the NPA and Chart Formation, this will make you rely less on indicators and keep you in constant profit.

Few hours till the Market Opens, so we make some $$$

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~Gallop Jnr. Trading Tips~
Forwarded from Crypto-Forex Kings
As we all know Forex is an OTC foreign exchange market(Biggest Financial Market in the World), which operates electronically and its open for 24/5 (24 hours, Monday-Friday) and been closed over the weekends.

What services are we going to offer?

1. Free Signals for all Subscribers (This will be limited)

2. Our help desk is open for everyone in our Discussion group ( we will answer queries and help you solve problems over there. Don't miss Out!

3. One on One training on how the Financial Markets operates, and education on Technical Analysis (You will be able to learn about the market, and take decisions/Trades by yourself. This service is Exclusive to our premium members)

4. We offer VIP Membership, here we give high setup profitable signals for our VIP Members. Yours is to make an entry and make profit with us!

5. We offer Account Management Services, Account management is where our team of pro traders manage your trading account with 3rd party trading options, which means we do the trading and share profits. NB: We will not have access to Funds withdrawal when managing account. It's fully Under Your control. [T&C Applied]

We're glad to introduce lots of new convenience features that will enable us grow as a community in the trading industry, Crypto Kings considers very much the interest of our communities to offer effective solutions.

Best regards,
Crypto-Forex Kings.