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The landowners further relied on the case of Girnar Traders Vs. State of Maharashtra and Others[1] to contend that the land is deemed to have been released after 6 months of the issue of Notice u/s 127 of the MRTP Act. The contention of the landowners cannot be accepted for the reason that the decision relied by the landowners to contend that no steps were taken relates to the ‘Development Plan’ for which the steps for acquisition had to be taken as per Section 126. In the present case, before the scheme is implemented, the procedure contemplated under Chapter V is followed to finalise the scheme. The procedure includes the sanctioning of draft scheme, appointment of arbitrator, issuing notices to persons affected by the scheme, determination of compensation by the arbitrator and then the final award made by the arbitrator. In respect of the land required under Town Planning Scheme except the Development Plan, the steps under Section 126 may not require to be resorted to at all. It is clear from the record that the Draft Town Planning Scheme was published in 1976, arbitrator determined the compensation in 1980, the appeal filed before the Tribunal was dismissed in 1987 and the scheme was sent to the Government for sanction in 1988 and it was finally sanctioned in 1993 by following the procedure under Chapter V which is a self contained code for the implementation of the Town Planning Scheme