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Delhi Tax Compliance Achievement Scheme, 2013 -“the Amnesty Scheme” = this Court has approached the issue arising in Grindlays Bank Ltd. (supra) we are of the view that Clause 8(3) of the Amnesty Scheme will have no application to the present case where the initial show cause notice was issued within time and its legitimacy was not contested by the respondent-Assessee. Had such legitimacy been questioned at the stage of reply or even in the course of the adjudication proceedings, there would still have been room/ time for the revenue to correct the error that had occurred. A rectified Notice could even have been issued after the order of adjudication was passed on 11th February, 2015. The close proximity of time between the reply submitted by the assessee to the Show 27 Cause Notice (27.01.2015) and the proceedings in adjudication Revenue on the one hand and the date of filing of the Writ Petition (4.3.2015) would permit us to infer that the conduct of the assessee in raising the issue in the writ petitions and not earlier was not entirely bonafide. The respondent-Assessee, therefore, cannot be allowed to take advantage of its own wrong. The courts exercising extraordinary jurisdiction cannot be understood to be helpless but concede to the assessee an undeserved victory over the Revenue