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whether the application was filed beyond the period of six months Section 18 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 =. According to the appellants, the copy of the Award was not supplied and, therefore, the appellants could not furnish the details of the objections with regard to the Award in the application for reference. - appellants had filed an application for reference on 24.07.1999. To the extent relevant, the request reads as follows:- “Kindly refer our case in the joint name of Shahid Jamal & Durwesh to reference court u/s. 18. Also please refer the case Shahid Jamal & M.A. Trading Co. and another in the name of Durwesh Najaf & MAT FAB International to reference court u/s. 18 and deposit the award amount u/s 31 sub section (2) part V.” - the appellants had accepted the compensation under protest on the point of sufficiency of the compensation and having made a specific request for reference under Section 18 on 24.07.1999, which indisputably is within six months, we are of the view that this is a case where the request under Section 18 of the Act made on 24.07.1999 should be treated as a proper application