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Noticing I did not have the function to enjoy activities of life which used to give me some reference pleasure. Recently, I've begun to notice small things flour, kind words, the sunshine. To love life you must be able to live it with the capacity soon joy, and I severely interrupted dopamine pathways, kindness, and Measure endocrine and hormonal dysfunction. I think the lesson here is to except that happiness can only come from certain any pain I feel cannot be solved and let out with the gentle breeze of meditation, with a reminder of the wonderful time of had on this earth so far and the amazing experiences to come. I am myself now, comparisons to. The statistssl probabilities of succesdul mastery of a dresm vs. just so fragile life is. And then our time here is more important then shopping and commercial advertisement. Let's keep meeting the new people we are in finding out the really cool things principals and dispositions them may become source nousishment and over the long l we will be better off suited to understanding others. excepting and comfortable with ourselves bl