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Benson School Report-Review to Ofsted +Google reviews-racists staff/nazi education system-whites always given preference no matter how idiotic-since 5-then ask ME to 'help' THEIR dumbos-dont think so! (Same at univ+work+kerb crawler Nazi plc+nhs set on us/family-looking for THEIR cmas non-whites non chrstian targets as sacrifices..celtic 'culture'-.not this time) As owe me PAY UP+staff peedos ought not to be exposing photos of pupils online in public. Don't ask me to help+cause more trouble when these Nazis ppl end up dying-None of my nor MY families concern-deal with your own rascism!Round+round they go-they stuck! THEY can't handle it-Know what I mean, SO up themselves, paying us might help U theiving scum