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WHAT CAN YOU EAT ON THE 28 DAY RESET PLAN? Everything but gluten, dairy, processed foods, sugar and alcohol. If you join the free version of the 28 day reset, you will get a list with the OK foods and you have to get creative with all that. You still have a lot of protein (meat), sugar (fruit) and grains (oatmeal) to choose, so you won't "die" for not eating what you are used to. And if you join the 28 day reset over here (, Cassey will send you the list with the OK foods AND the book with recipes + the nutrition plan so you don't have to plan anything! You just have to follow the steps and check the boxes and feel satisfied with what you're eating because, a little secret, you don't have to starve to join, you just change some ingredients and keep eating... Sometimes, you eat even more than before! We eat 5 times per day in the 28 day reset, so, I think you'll love it here: #TheQueithShow #TodosSomosPaís #28dayreset