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Mon, August 31, 2020, 3PM (CT) #KPFTHouston 90.1FM. POSSIBLE TOPIC(s): VOTING FAQ – In Texas, Early Voting Starts on October 13-thru-30!, ‎Texas tells Harris County to halt plan to send all voters applications for ‎mail-in ballots, For second time, federal judge finds Texas is violating ‎voter registration law, Texas Democrats are successfully suing to kick ‎Green Party candidates off the November ballot, Republicans try and ‎fail to remove Libertarian candidates from the ballot, Texas Education ‎Agency announces new COVID-19 tracking system for public schools, ‎Study of More Than 55,000 COVID-19 Cases Reveals a Predictable ‎Order of Symptoms, 7 things to know about COVID-19 combined with ‎flu season, Coronavirus in vacant China apartment implicates toilet in ‎spread, Report: Police Shootings Continue Unabated Despite COVID-‎‎19 Shutdowns, Why police shoot so many times to bring down a ‎suspect, Rio Tinto execs lose bonuses but keep jobs after destruction ‎of ancient aboriginal caves, MORE. Guest: [AUDIO/VIDEO]