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Jim Harbaugh tells you he is great with a 68-30 record as a college coach. He wasn't any good as a QB himself either with as many interceptions as TD just a .77 QB rating with one and a half fumbles or interceptions to TD passes. In 14 seasons he won all of 4 games after the regular season - just AWFUL. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands are better than that. And he has a bad heart known condition for which he had an operation already. He has a DUI arrest as well. So 68-30 and we just FIRED our coach for being 73-32 last 8 years here at Georgia. Michigan has not won the conference in a dozen years and is # 37 in the nation in won/lost record after 2004 as well. So Jim Harbaugh comes down here to The South to recruit players who DO NOT KNOW ALL THIS and bring them back up there in the COLD FROZEN TUNDRA where in Ann Arbor it is 15 degrees when it is 70 degrees here so they can brag to BURNED-OUT Detroit where NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE ANY MORE that they just signed 2 of the Top Defensive Players in the state of Georgia. Go on guys Aubrey Solomon 2017 and Otis Reese 2018. Go on up there. He nor Michigan is doing shit and it's COLD as you MIGHT GUESS driving 1000 miles one-way due NORTH on I-75. Michigan QUIT playing football two and a half decades ago and has NOT been a damn thing since. Go. If you can't tell that Georgia is BETTER than that you deserve to be that MISERABLE