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Mark Richt starts his pre-season Coaches' Poll the way he left here in the AP Poll unranked. In fact, Mark Richt was UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll half the time after 2007 : 2009 2010 2013 and 2015 unranked. Same as Mark Richt is TODAY in the Coaches' Poll at # 26 down there with the others receiving votes. Coincidently Kirby starts out # 16 ranking today in the Coaches' Poll facing ranked teams # 20 North Carolina, # 25 Florida, # 12 Ole Miss, # 10 vols, either # 6 LSU or # 1 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game Mark Richt did not win for the last ENTIRE DECADE while Kirby won the NC half his years as DC also out of the last 8 years half unranked for Mark Richt and then Kirby faces a bowl opponent like # 7 Stanford or # 8 Michigan. Sounds daunting for a QB who categorically REFUSES to even TRY to throw the damn ball down the field # 104 Passing Offense and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions as a direct result there-of. Auburn is # 39. Kirby would face eight (8) teams voted-on in the USA Today Coaches' Poll by 64 coaches if he GOES TO The SEC Championship Game which certainly HAS TO BE OUR GOAL