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Why can't we have a new gym then like all the other schools in the United States of America ? Why are we so far behind other smaller colleges who do NOT get $ 150 million dollars in Sports' Revenue August 31, 2016 ? The University of Georgia is set to receive about $ 50 million of our nearly $ 150 million revenue here in the next 3 weeks August 31, 2016 from The SEC itself. The 14 member institutions of The SEC are set to receive approximately $50 million dollars each in late August 2016 distribution this year including local media packages, the TV rights with multiple Network agreements The SEC has hammered-out, the NCAA payments of about a million per school slated for Academic Enhancements, post-season bowl games, The SEC Championship Game, College Football Play-Off Revenue, NCAA Championships' Revenue, March Madness Revenue, The SEC Basketball Tournament Revenue, the amounts retained by each SEC member school in Bowl Games' Revenue, the supplemental surplus distribution, and the Revenue that Georgia gets each year from its student fees as a Subsidy to our annual Revenue of $ 3.2 million per year which some schools do not collect. The SEC will retain what would be another $ 6 million dollars per SEC member school to operate The SEC. Obviously The SEC payment August 31, 2016 of about $ 50 million including these revenues listed here-in represents ONLY one-third UGA's annual Sports' Revenue of $ 150 million dollars August 31, 2016. Last year The University of Georgia had an annual budget amount of $ 1.5 billion dollars