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Would Kirby have done this the last 3 weeks of Fall Practice with his quarterbacks if he had not come to the decision to tend to agree now with the many who have been giving him the advice that Greyson Lambert is NOT the QB to move The University of Georgia Football forward ? Obviously this observer is quite confident that indeed this is the case. Kirby Era has begun. It has been going on now all week and it isn't a decision he took lightly nor one therefore he intends at this point to second-guess himself on. The Kirby Era and the Jacob Eason Era are one and the same at this point. All week is all week. You wouldn't do that FOR ANY REASON - with kick-off vs North Carolina a team many have said we lose to 2 Saturdays after this Saturday's Scrimmage where once again it is widely reported that Jacob Eason will indeed continue working with the # 1 unit - were you going to start Greyson Lambert. That will give him 3 weeks with the # 1 unit. I, of course, would have done so Day 1 Spring Practice. It is what it is and what it is is in fact nothing good clearly for Greyson Lambert. Shit Kirby has : 15 First year players this 2016-2017 season who have shot at a Start. 10 True Freshmen of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are a Ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who have done extremely well nowadays. This is 2016-2017 season The Kirby Era/Jacob Eason Era. Jacob Eason is STARTING QB for Kirby tomorrow in Scrimmage at Sanford