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The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic Game requires the winning team to score 26 pts. or more as we all saw firsthand 2011 when I wasted my monies on a Bust Boise Jersey losing 21-35. The winner for 8 years has won the Old Leather Helmet presented on-field after the game. Alabama has won 4 times. LSU Ole Miss vols and Auburn have each won once. SEC is 8-2. The ACC is 1-6. North Carolina is looking for its first win too. But of all The SEC teams in the Classic so far to start the seasons only Georgia has never won. We aren't getting to 26 without Jacob Eason and honestly almost all the winning scores have been 34 or 35 which Greyson Lambert has NO HOPE OF. Each team gets $ 2 million dollars. North Carolina has avg the # 30 recruiting ranking the latest 5 rankings who with redshirt make-up this team and UGA avg # 9. We go into North Carolina and sign their best players EVERY YEAR. The last 2 years North Carolina has had two 4-Star recruits each year as their highest-rated while UGA has had fifteen each of the last 2 years who are 4-Star or 5-Star players. On paper this is no contest. I am predicting Kirby scores 34 to win. Upset win for Kirby as Odds still has North Carolina Tar Heels by 1 and half points