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It had NOTHING to do with the half-time CBS Interview by Allie LaForce this day last year that the guy who averaged 9.7 wins a season in 15-game seasons for the top teams which he was NOT - was fired. Sure he screwed the pooch - again - on his QB at halftime saying they were not Faton Bauta's fault and would stick with him through 4 interceptions this day last year. It was his UTTER FAILURES in the big games like this most especially his last entire 8 years losing 18 of his last 24 vs. top 15 which is # 45 nationally with # 7 talent which he WASTED. And oh yeah another 12 losses to unranked teams thrown-in for good measure his same last entire 8 years here which SEALED THAT FATE. Mark Richt was damn DESPERATE. Here is that CBS halftime interview by Allie LaForce