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When an AD averages MORE than 4 losses per season for his entire 9 years here now. And Mike Adam$ hired him as AD with resume of former girls' tennis coach a year. AT GEORGIA mind you this AD hires THIS GUY as Coach who was an abomination ALL SEASON and ALL PRE-SEASON. And Greg McGarity's hire tells him November 28 last year that it would be his DREAM JOB to come here. Then that "new coach" asks the AD for 6 weeks and 3 days' TIME-OFF before he starts. And the sorry-ass "AD" acquiesces - then that God Damn ATHLETIC DIRECTOR must be FIRED. This is a FOOTBALL SCHOOL # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 3 All-Time in Bowl Wins. We're # 3 state for producing talent and we have NO COMPETITION for it in-state. We're the # 1 college football town. We have the # 1 mascot all sports. We're # 6 in buying branded merchandise. We're the # 3 program with the most profits. And Texas can hire a PROVEN COACH and we can't. And THIS is what we get. FIRE GREG MCGARITY and JIM CHANEY and Kirby son you are NOT FAR BEHIND boy. You do NOT know ANYTHING about Offenses, Special Teams nor talent evaluation to DETERMINE your STARTING 24 Kirby nor whom to hire as coach of these portions of a football team a HEAD COACH is supposed to ALREADY KNOW KIRBY