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TRADITION IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL ? We don't have any TRADITION in college football any longer now Bluto ? Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Bluto. How is it that we need to EXPAND the Play-Offs beyond the + 1 ? Who else deserved to be in it ? Oh I see no one else deserved to be in the Play-Offs you say ? SEC it is rumored is DOWN. B1G is supposed to be so great. Pac-12 is of no use for 44 years of no NC nowadays. Big 12 is left-out of the Play-Offs again. And the ACC has one NC this entire century. Who is the premier conference in college football this year ? The Bulldogs are NOT motivated Chipper Towers ? Jeff Schultz we need 8-team play-offs ? Kirk Herbstreit 10-2 Penn State has to be in the Play-Offs ? Really guys ? THIS is what I have to read today from ALL OF YOU ? Give it up. Leave the discussion of college football to those who LOVE the sport please ok ? You ALL wasted your blog space making fools of yourself. You want to explain how The SEC is DOWN Buck Belue ?