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Kirby is # 44 in the nation 2016 results with the # 7 Average Recruiting Rankings for the latest 5 years which with redshirt made-up Kirby's 2016 team. True Kirby faced the facts that Mark Richt had Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits 40% Mark Richt signed here his last 6 years here who were JUST GONE before Kirby got here because they were either kicked-off quit failed to qualify never showed-up or flunked-out. We as a school STILL are the # 44 team in the nation 2016 with the average # 7 Recruiting Rankings making-up this FAILED 2016 UGA Bulldogs' Football team here at Georgia. The day after tomorrow Wednesday on ESPNU 883 Maria Taylor reporting Kirby will ADD to this with the # 1 UGA Bulldogs' Recruiting Class of All-Time here at Georgia with Fifteen (15) players documented here as ranked in the Top 100 OVERALL of 3300 total in at least one of the top 3 recruiting services 247Sports ESPN RecruitingNation and when there are 3300 joining the 130 FBS teams for 2017 alone. Can Kirby do better than # 44 nationally on the field for this 2017 season ? Well what caused the # 44 nationally for 2016 for Kirby with all this talent HERE SUPPOSEDLY ? Was it that he HELD-BACK freshmen 2016 ? Will he AGAIN 2017 with these recruits he is adding the day after tomorrow ? Will Kirby drag his feet now 2017 with these FRESHMEN these 15 top 100 players in the nation 2017 in at least 1 of the 3 top recruiting services ? Will Kirby kicking-and-screaming categorically refuse to let them practice with the # 1 unit and then be forced to tell them to go ahead and Start ANYWAY as STARS of this football program ? Well ? Will he ?