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Part of your problem in discussing recruiting is that you don't know jack shit about recruiting and NEVER WILL. We are # 27 in recruiting 2018 and have in that recruiting class for next year one player ranked in the top 311 in the nation. One. We had last year 2017 fifteen in the top 100 nationally. Now we have one in the top 311 for next year 2018. We have 20 players GONE after this season and currently have only 84 on-scholarship because several FAILED TO QUALIFY 2017 and one was ARRESTED. That is 3 of the top 15 players in the nation Kirby signed here 2017 who are NOT here and who will NOT be here 2017. One who will NEVER be here. And NOW for 2018 WITH THAT as a backdrop Kirby has 1 of the top 311 players nationally 2018. Did you get it that time ? Kirby gets 20 more open scholarships for 2018 for the 20 players 2017 who are leaving all of whom were starters here for Kirby. We have to sign a full complement of 25 recruits 2018 and have only one of the top 311 recruits. We are in a world of hurt 2018