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Coleman Rudolph LOST both his Junior and Senior Games against Georgia making him one bitter son of a bitch toward The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now is a high school coach in Roswell for Tim McFarlin where they have NEVER SENT A SINGLE PLAYER to Georgia Institute of Technology - not one - not EVER. His SENIOR YEAR it was 31-17 Georgia over Georgia Tech. Georgia has BEAT THE SHIT out of Georgia Tech 22-8 over the last 30 years yet Coleman Rudolph thinks Georgia Tech has had the BETTER COACHING ? Really ? Hey dumbass dipshit you judge who has the BETTER COACHING over the last 30 years by the RECORD including ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN RECORD against Georgia dumb shit. Jesus Christ what a GOD DAMN LIAR you are Coleman Rudolph. In fact it is 45-17 Georgia over Georgia Tech starting 1957 last 62 years because well GEORGIA TECH COACHES HAVE BEEN OUT-COACHED. Part of coaching is RECRUITING. # 51 Georgia Tech Coleman Rudolph BRAGS about this morning while UGA is # 2. TRUTH-0-METER Morgan Stanley high school coach telling LIES about Georgia Tech. 45-21 we OWN this state GOD DAMN bitter boy Coleman Rudolph. Get over it boy. 1957 is when Jack Rudolph began at Georgia Tech and gave his son 2 last names Coleman Rudolph. His dad is 80 today and all he has KNOWN is that Georgia Tech got the SHIT BEAT OUT OF IT by UGA. # 51 Tech # 2 UGA and YOU THINK that is "getting it" Coleman Rudolph you dumb bastard