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📢 Sponsor Meeting - ČeSFuR can be what it is also thanks to sponsors who help fund the con. In return, we would like to invite them for some refreshment and meeting with orgateam representatives, so that we can thank them in person. Sponsors and super-sponsors only.
📢 Fencing Arena - En garde! Softened weapons for skilled fencers and enthusiastic first-timers alike. An arena with nail-biting duels in front of spectators. This event is not to be missed!
📢 Hiking Trip - Patrol duty at a mild pace. Stretch your legs and see the beautiful nature around the consite.
📢 Airsoft Firing Range - Accept our invitation for Furapolis militia marksmanship training. Pistols for gentlemen, rifles for conscripts and soldiers, plenty of targets for everybody. You will find the shooting range between the hotel entrance and the pond. Follow the drill sergeant’s instructions.
📢 Improshow Theatre - Theatre at ČeSFuR? Not quite. Leave the formal dress at home, you can expect funny sketches you can directly influence without getting up from your chair. Everything you’ll see is created live on the stage and will never be repeated again.
📢 Super-sponsor Gala Dinner with GoH - Annual meeting of the inventor guild committee, with a traditional dinner. The chair of the event is the investigator specialist Khaki. Don’t forget your invitation, the event is for super-sponsors only.
📢 Fursuit Gameshow - Both election teams need helpers and volunteers. In a steampunk city, however, handing out leaflets is not enough. They will have to prove they can handle hard work of all kinds – and won’t back away even from war.
📢 Fireshow - Leaving behind the heat of factory boilers, we will gather on the terrace. From there, you’ll be able to watch our acrobats handle fire without any asbestos suits or smelter helmets. Access to the performance area will be restricted for safety reasons.
📢 Boats of Happiness - The con is almost over, join us in launching tiny lanterns on the pond, carrying your wishes for the next year. In case of really bad weather, we’ll move to the indoor pool.
📢 Closing Ceremony - Election time is over. Time to reflect and say goodbye.
The con is almost over, here are some reminders and important information before you leave:

- Don’t forget to pay for your consumption at the hotel reception and tearoom.

- Please vacate your rooms till 12:00 (unless you’ve got late departure).

- If you’ve purchased door art in the auction, please pick them up at conops.

- If you’re departing from the Rozsochy train station, please be considerate and don’t vandalize the property. Do not place stickers anywhere in or around the station and do not damage the property in any way.

- Don’t forget to return your room keys at the reception.
This year we’ve managed to raise pretty awesome amount of money for charity: 58 749 Kč (2 295 €) in total! Thank you very much for your donations - you’re all awesome!
📢 Feedback Session - ČeSFuR is over and we’d like to know how you liked it. If you already have something you want to tell the orgs, we’re looking forward to meeting you.
Thank you so much for participation! This year's Cesfur was awesome, we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. See you next year, in the Land of the Dragon!

📷 This many of you came this year to Cesfur and made it so awsome! If you want the pictures in it's full resolution, click here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TUq8DapMT2Vu6I0581kaYXPdzDUlDumH
Like every year, we're sending a feedback form. By now, all attendees should have it in their email. If it didn't arrive and you'd like fill the form (which we'd greately appreciate), please contact @FurCPhoto.
Thank you.
If you miss something else than all the great people you met at Cesfur, have a look at the lost'n'found items people found scattered across the consite.

The elections in Furapolis are over. It was attended by 300 representatives of 22 countries from all over Europe, who elected Gadget the collie inventor as the new Mayor. According to 4 brave detectives who solved the mystery of former Mayor's dissapearance, blue squeaker fox was orchestrating sabotages, acting on order by Gadget's election competitor, the automata engineer Wrench. The mysterious stranger disappeared shortly after the elections, so maybe it's actually true, we will never know (and next year's mystery game will be easier - really).

Politices aside - over hundred volunteers helped us run the con, held events or worked on props and decorations and they have our big thanks, along with our awesome guest of honor Khaki! On the last day, there were five concurent big parties held in various rooms all over the con and there were no fires, floods or explosions. You fuzzies have collected 58,749 CZK (aprox. 2,270 EUR) for charity.

You seriously rock! Enjoy the photos and see you next year, in the lands of the dragon!

Save the date! Our adventure to the magical lands of mystical dragons, fluffy firefoxes and other oriental wonders will take place 8.7. - 12.7.2020 in Hotel Skalský Dvůr. Stay tuned for further updates about ČeSFuR 2020!
ČeSFuR team wishes you everything fuzzy and all the best in the new year! 🎆 See you at ČeSFuR 2020!