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Hi all,

This is the place to keep track of various channels we maintain:

- Official chat:
- Channel list (this channel): @SGPokemapChannels

- Raid related channels:
+ EX Raid eligible Raid Alert: @SGPokemapEXRaid
+ Legendary Raid Alert: @SGPokemapLegendary
+ Raid Alert: @SGPokemapRaid

- IV related channels:
+ IV 90+: @SGPokemapIV90
+ IV 100: @SGPokemapIV100
+ IV 0: @SGPokemapIVZero

- Gen 3 channels:
+ Slakoth and Vigoroth: @SGPokemapSlakoth
+ Trapinch & Vibrava: @SGPokemapTrapinch
+ Feebas: @SGPokemapFeebas
+ Chimecho: @SGPokemapChimecho
+ Bagon & Shelgon: @SGPokemapBagon
+ Beldum & Metang: @SGPokemapBeldum

- Gen 2 channels:
+ Tyranitar: @SGPokemapTyranitar
+ Pupitar & Larvitar: @SGPokemapPupitarLarvitar
+ Blissey: @SGPokemapBlissey
+ Unown: @SGPokemapUnown
+ Donphan: @SGPokemapDonphan
+ Ampharos: @SGPokemapAmpharos

- Gen 1 channels:
+ Dragonite: @SGPokemapDragonite
+ Lapras: @SGPokemapLapras
+ Snorlax: @SGPokemapSnorlax
+ Chansey: @SGPokemapChansey
+ Aerodactyl: @SGPokemapAerodactyl
+ Porygon: @SGPokemapPorygon
+ Gyarados: @SGPokemapGyarados
+ Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise: @SGPokemapStarters
+ Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon: @SGPokemapEeveelutions
+ Other rares: @SGPokemapRares

Hi everyone, please join this new channel to post your trainer ids and requests. All new ids and requests posted in the main chit chat channel will be deleted.
Hi all,

We added 2 new channels:

- @SGPokemapLevel35 - For Pokémon Level 35 only, good to save Stardust and Candies, also good for reroll by trade.
- @SGPokemapDratini - For Dratini and Dragonair.

Announcing @SGPokemapDitto, for those who need a ditto to complete their quests.

Hi everyone,

For community day, which is happening in about 2.5 hours, we'll do IV check for some Totodile across the entire map. During the 3 hours period, only Totodile will have IV and we'll only show those with IV on map. Enjoy.

New feature on raid map: "Almost" real time weather for raid. By "almost" I mean up to 2 minutes delay when weather changes. You can also filter to only show weather boosted raid on the map.

Coming soon:

- "Almost" real time weather for spawn.
- Add weather to raid telegram notification.
New channel: @SGPokemapBoostedRaid. Boosted raids of all levels will be posted here for easy reference. Enjoy!
@SGPokemapLakeTrio - Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf
New channel for Gible and Gabite: @SGPokemapGible.