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Montreal AI startup, Zetane, releases free software platform for the detailed analysis and visualization of popular deep learning models used in industry and research. By opening up black-box algorithms, diverse professionals gain new means to collaborate on applied machine Learning projects.
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A new video shows a crew of Boston Dynamics robots busting some impressive dance moves.

IMHO: That advances of technology have also led to fears that the robots could become tools of repression or even Terminator-like killing machines.
Maybe that’s why they picked this particular song by The Contours — which is definitely a bop, but also contains the plaintive lines:
Do you love me
Now that I can dance
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Super new addition to GANs
StyleFlow: Attribute-conditioned Exploration of StyleGAN-Generated Images using Conditional Continuous Normalizing Flows
Photoshop detector AI called FALDetector aims to detect facial edits that warps the faces to make chin or jaw looks thinner, or the forehead smaller. However, it is not really accurate and consistent as it look at the individual pixels too much, as different resolution of the same person can result in different predictions with this AI model.
Transferable Interactiveness Networks (TIN) for Human-Object Interaction (HOI) Detection
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Create Character Animation with small amount of data by using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)


You can use also interactive GUI to easily repose a given character based on keypoints.
End-to-end speech recognition toolkit (based on Pytorch)
What's make it different from other ASR toolkits:
* Production first and production ready
* Unified solution for streaming and non-streaming ASR
* Portable runtime
* Light weight
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"Unbiased Teacher for Semi-Supervised Object Detection" from Facebook researchers