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Python/Swift Developer & Musician.


By: @ev3rest
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— Even though many of you asked to keep the bot, I decided to move on. It became too expensive and time consuming. The sources are available on my GitHub, so you are welcome to deploy your own bots. Thank you for using @anime_bot and I hope you had a great time! If you are interested in my future developments, make sure to subscribe.

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This cover on Trust in Me by Direct has been in work for 2 years, still not done
Just in case you are coming here for Music Ave, we merged to

I was thinking a lot and finally came to a conclusion to transform this channel into a personal blog/diary. Development and music stuff will still be here, I am just adding my personal thoughts, updates and photos.

For those who decide to leave, I wish you the best of luck. For those who stay, thank you and stay tuned!
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For the past 4 months I’ve been conducting an experiment on myself. I read a lot about how important sleep is for your performance and general health, as well as my dad insisting on me following a stricter sleeping schedule. So I decided to change my sleeping schedule - make it fixed, but simple so I can easily follow it. Wake up at 8 AM, Go to bed at 12. Even when I don’t need to wake up this early, I decided to keep it that way so there’s no need to readjust every other day. Honestly, I was very skeptical, but also excited to see how it will turn out at the end.

- For those who know me, it’s not a secret that I am a night person. I like reading at night, I like to program and make music at night, basically I start my brain activity and my creative side after midnight when everyone is already sleeping so I can focus. This was very hard to forget, so constant ideas and thoughts kept popping in my head when I was trying to fall asleep. It’s just frustrating to not be able to fall asleep because you have too many thought in your head. First few days were bad. I was tired in the morning and almost canceled the whole thing, but I overcame the excuse. I woke up, grabbed my towel and had a cold shower so I can throw sleepiness out of my head. And surprisingly, after 3-4 days, I was knocking out at 12 no problem. By the bedtime I was so exhausted that I didn’t even care that my roommate was working in the same room. I was that exhausted.
- Friends. A few of my friends who I hang out a lot are also used to staying up late, so missing out on some group events or just hangouts was kinda sad. However, a few of them actually joined me on my experiment and that helped a lot. Plus, as semester was progressing, we had less and less time to hangout and had to just focus on work. Everything works out at the end.

I think that experiment ended well, because I raised my GPA to a new record, I started eating in the morning, I started drinking water twice as much as I was drinking it before and I finally had time for gym in the morning. I think with all this extra time that you get, you are a lot more flexible in your schedule. You can afford multiple breaks in one day, you can afford to focus on yourself and just not worry about being late. I am starting to realize what all those countless articles are trying to achieve and why my dad was insisting on me fixing this. I think it's well worth the problems that come with the change, but that was my experience. Probably next thing that I will do is actually plan every day and follow it strictly. How convenient that I am building an app that helps you do that :D (I promise it's not an ad!)

tl;dr I started waking up at 8AM and raised my gpa
Winter inspired tune & vocals
Flying back today. I only now realize how far apart are two homes…
Such a well done concept
I don’t know why, but I really like this photo, so yeah. Here you guys go.
Have been feeling under the weather these past few days.
I wonder if the person who first used this phrase was actually affected by weather, or how did this quote came to be?
This isolation for (3 weeks?) now has given me time to think about a few things:
- We as humans can't really stay alone for long periods of time without some sort of interaction
- Food can stay out without being refrigerated for longer than we thought
- (I don't like to get political on my channels, but this just pisses me off) How because of one man thousands are dying and suffering

Just to keep you guys updated, I am not dead, at least physically. I am mentally tired, I haven't talked to anyone human face-to-face in over 3 weeks now, so that kinda sucks :D On the bright side, I have made new friends online and doing really good in LoL. I am mainly struggling with food and money, but as long as I have water and snacks, I can survive (I think). I hope you and your families are doing fine and when this whole shituation is over, everything is going to get back to normal. Take care and I'll see you in the next update!
- Good news, the community is growing, and we finally achieved 20K Subscribers Total! #channels #roadto30K
Was looking at some of my old posts and realized that the community grew up 4 times in size amounting to ~80K subscribers total. Kind of blows my mind.
I wish I had a good mic and knew how to sing :D
Porter Robinson - Get Your Wish
You know, I have so much respect for my producer friends. I never understood how they manage to deliver something complete and well-rounded. When it comes to music, I have zero patience in terms of mixing, mastering and making the track sound good. I usually throw a few chords, a simple melody and I leave it at that. I really wish I knew how to continue ideas and make them richer.

This demo is one of those unfinished ones. Lyrics are pretty basic, mixing is mediocre and the whole idea is pretty bland. Nonetheless, I am posting it here.

So we are running out of time
and you are waking by my side
And I am loosing my insight to be alive
all I want is just you in(and) afterlife
Something I found that I think should be considered internet etiquette: