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Starting the server.

Even the most experienced and highly qualified system administrators often have only a vague idea of what exactly happens during the server startup process. So, let’s look at this process in detail: http://amp.gs/2CIO
“At the Joker 2019 conference in fall, a talk from Dalia Abo Sheasha 'Migrating beyond Java 8' inspired us to implement a new diagnostic rule”.

The PVS-Studio analyzer — detecting potential compatibility issues with Java SE API: http://amp.gs/2CnY
How to cook reactive programming. Part 2: Side effects.

Despite the number, this is the third article about reactive programming. Today we are going to talk about how to handle side effects while using unidirectional approaches: http://amp.gs/2CiA
Monitoring and Logging external services in Kubernetes.

“As a matter of fact I haven’t found so far any generalized guide on logging and monitoring of metrics from external systems to Kubernetes on the web. Here I want to share with you my own version”: http://amp.gs/2hnm
Weekend picks: memory, cyberpunk and startups.

A collection of articles about science and the life of ITMO University. There’s going to be something for everyone — from the limits of the human memory to cyberpunk and startups developed at our accelerator: http://amp.gs/2hV8
How to introduce a static code analyzer in a legacy project and not to discourage the team.

Let’s briefly discuss how to properly integrate static analysis into the development process and start using it as part of CI/CD: http://amp.gs/2hoR
Meet Hamstand: a smart mobile testing hub.

Today we’ll be discussing Hamstand — a modular hub that simplifies the process of mobile app testing. Let’s talk about how it came to be, why it’s a welcome addition to many developers’ toolkits, and what awaits the project in the near future: http://amp.gs/2Ubi
Applying for that overseas job: a checklist of CV things to worry about.

This checklist is meant to highlight the problem areas you need to pay attention to as you alter your file for a shiny new overseas employer: http://amp.gs/2DTr
7 Best Fitness Streaming Platforms for Live and On Demand.

Efforts to move fitness sessions / classes to the online platform are both effective and a Win-Win situation for fitness Center owners and users: http://amp.gs/2DxF
“To meet the current needs and lay a foundation for future upgrades, we’ve developed our Tarantool-based investment business core”.

Making a Tarantool-Based Investment Business Core for Alfa-Bank: http://amp.gs/2D9h
“We believe that static analysis will allow programmers using this game engine to improve the quality of their source code and simplify work on any projects”.

How the PVS-Studio analyzer began to find even more errors in Unity projects: http://amp.gs/2DLB
Critical Transcendence: .NET SDK and Apache Spark.

We should celebrate Microsoft’s development vision to ramp up their Azure SQL partnerships and then to integrate Apache Spark into their .NET offerings: http://amp.gs/23Qv
PVS-Studio Impressed by the Code Quality of ABBYY NeoML.

“ABBYY has recently opened the source code of their NeoML framework. Someone suggested that we check this library with PVS-Studio. We liked the idea and got down to work without further delay”: http://amp.gs/2wKP
How to find an English teacher. Part 1.

“Are you ready to find a teacher who fits your expectations? If so, follow me and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”: http://amp.gs/2QTU
Web server for Machine Learning 'VKF-solver'.

We describe one of national approaches to Machine Learning, called “VKF-method of Machine Learning based on Lattice Theory”. The origin and choice of the name are explained at the end of this article: http://amp.gs/2QEe
PVS-Studio is now in Compiler Explorer.

Not so long ago, a landmark event has happened: PVS-Studio appeared in Compiler Explorer! Now you can quickly and easily analyze the code for errors right on the godbolt.org site: http://amp.gs/260w
QA process at Miro.

“In this article, I will talk in detail about our testing process at each stage of creating a new feature and also about the introduced changes that have increased the quality and speed of development”: http://amp.gs/266G
“I hope these ideas and approaches would help you find a good online teacher using data science and ML”.

How to find an English teacher. Part 2: http://amp.gs/2byk
10 Best Email Scraping Tools for Sales Prospecting in 2020.

“You don’t have to rely on the second-hand source. I profiled a list of best 10 email scraping tools for sales prospecting. Let’s take a look”: http://amp.gs/w8jl
Yii news 2020, issue 5.

“It is time for another Yii news issue. Both Yii 2 and Yii 3 are doing well. I’ve finally updated the team page on the website to reflect the current state of things”: http://amp.gs/wzqO