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Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard Unversity 2017 Graduation ceremony and gave a really inspiring speech. Here's the full text of the speech in case you need a bit of inspiration for the next achievement😏
Everything about AI right now. Headlines announce new and new platforms, solutions, and tools. So we couldn't pass through the news about new Google's venture capital program focused on artificial intelligence. The main thing is that the program will be led by engineers instead of venture investments specialists. It's another step in Google's shift from mobile-first to AI-first.
New food order aggregators born and die every day. These apps creators mostly concern about attracting users and encourage them to make more orders. But the real problem is making restaurants to collaborate with those apps. We have a solution to this issue.
Personal fitness trainer apps is one of the hottest sectors right now. There are a lot of investments and a huge developers interest. In our latest article, we reveal the secret of 7 Minute Workout popularity as well as some tips for developing a similar app.
Google presented shiny new Android Architecture Components (AAC) to solve a bunch of problems a developer may have including boilerplate code, configuration issues, memory leaks and other.
We have already tried AAC and created a sample project using them.
Native or cross-platform? It's a question that has an answer that seems to be obvious. You may say "everyone knows that a native app is much better." But what if I told you that the rules have changed, and the answer is not so obvious anymore?
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Here are our insights into developing our new RollingBall animation with React Native.
One of the best tips for brands to overcome consumers' ad blindness is to deliver their marketing message in a completely new way.
It's not enough to just tell about your brand. You should provide your consumers with something of additional value to make them return to you.
But what channel is the best choice for delivering that value? To find an answer you should define where your potential customers definitely are.
At this exact moment they stare at their smartphone! So just take your marketing message, power it with that value, and put all of these right there.
And we're ready to tell you howπŸ’ͺ
Check out the story of our new in-house product creating.
We designed Pastiche for Samsung Edge series to save all links, text pieces, and important information you copied and forgot to paste.
It's a safe and convenient side-panel clipboard that automatically saves everything you copied on your phone.